Sunday, May 23, 2010

Why should you go to H Street NE?

Recently, H Street NE has come into its own as a foodie destination. In 2006, the Palace of Wonders opened and jump started the bar scene, followed by Granville Moore's putting H Street on the map as a foodie destination. Since then, the area has exploded with excellent, reasonably priced eateries and nightlife (Taylor Gourmet, H Street Country Club, Sticky Rice, and Rock n' Roll Hotel).

The most recent newcomers on the scene are Dangerously Delicious and the Star & Shamrock.

I have mentioned Dangerously Delicious a few times before and couldn't wait for it to open. The shop is a Baltimore import that was recently featured on the Food Network show, "Best Thing I Ever Ate." Rodney Henry established Dangerously Delicious to support his music career, and it has a rock and roll vibe that includes live music performances. More importantly, it has an impressive selection of sweet and savory pies. I tried the Food Network-featured Baltimore Bomb pie, while my friend Emily enjoyed the Chocolate Chess pie. The Baltimore Bomb is made of Berger cookies (a Baltimore delicacy) mixed with vanilla chess filling - it has a great texture and I think it tastes best when heated. But I was more impressed with the Chocolate Chess pie, which has a nuanced, smooth chocolate flavor that melts in your mouth. I have yet to try a savory pie or any of the fruit pies, so several more trips are in order to fully experience the awesomeness that is Dangerously Delicious Pies.

Star & Shamrock is a brilliant blend of a Jewish deli and Irish pub. The sandwiches were delicious and I was impressed with the selection of reasonably priced beer, bourbon, and whiskey lists. (Any place that carries Kilkenny beer and Bakers bourbon is clearly a cut above the rest.)

H Street may not be metro accessible, but its restaurants and bars make it well worth the trip, so check it out!

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